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White Man Syndrome (WMS) affects almost all white men.
A man with WMS is "always right," and will argue with you to the bitter end even if he doesn't have all the facts or is completely proven wrong. He will also find the need to criticize EVERYONE, whether they are close friends or strangers. In fact, a man with WMS loves criticizing complete strangers, and often embarrasses his friends by doing so, without a care.

Also, Most white men with WMS own hiking boots, even though they have absolutely no use for them whatsoever.
"The sky is green, I don't know what you're talking about. Blue? Go make me a sandwhich." "Can't you calm your White Man Syndrome for two seconds?!?!"
by LeChickaN September 02, 2011
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When people from the third world adopt everything western because they think that just because the white man got somethings right. than everything they wear, eat, do, is probably good for you.

When people from the third world copy everything they see on Hollywood Movies
Example 1:Chinese Mom to daughter: Go learn de englis. Daughter: why mom chinsese is the second spoken languange and I am an excellent student just got de accpetence in de Bejing university for de engineering.Chinese Mom: becuase wis out de englis you will never succeed in dis world. Daughter: Mom why are you acting like you have White Man Syndrome

Example 2: Arab Dad to daughter: Liyla where are you going and why are you dressed up all sluty I will not accept that.. Daughter: why are you always trying to control my life!.Dad : where are you going anyway?. Daughter: I am going out with ahmed .Dad: who the hell is ahmed?? Daughter : dont worry dad hes just my boyfreind Dad : WHAT! Daughter : dont worry dad He always uses a condom...Dad : Dafaq! my daughter has White Man Syndrome
by JOHN THE 2nd July 13, 2013
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