The White Lotus, also called the White Lotus Bitch, is a stock female character type commonly found in Chinese internet novels.

The term refers to a female character who appears innocent, naïve, impossibly perfect, and pure on the surface, but uses this reputation to back stab, blame, or sling mud on others. The term was inspired by the lotus plant, which has a beautiful flower floating on top of water, hiding the plant's messy roots stuck in marshy mud.

Common traits include:
Jealousy or greed as primary motivations for the behavior
Crying to manipulate others
Relying on powerful men

Pretending to be wronged or scared of someone
Using apologies to appear bullied
Wears white
Pretending to be saintly or perfect
Uses lying and their innocent reputations as their main weapons
Volatile temper which eventually gives themselves away
Generally an antagonist, love rival, or stepmother
Written as dislikable to the reader

Related to the Green Tea Bitch, which is a similar character who appears kind, but is actually scheming. Level of intelligence and likability tend to be the difference, with the White Lotus losing out on both. Example: A Green Tea Bitch would leave an expensive necklace out to tempt a maid into stealing it, so she could black mail her, while a White Lotus would simply lie that it was stolen and cry to get a maid punished. White Lotus characters tend to be dislikable, and as such are often villains of the story.
That White Lotus cried to the crown prince that the woman tripped her on purpose, but it must have been because of something she did. Enraged, the crown prince sent the woman to the cold palace, and the White Lotus rejoiced.
by askite January 23, 2021
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In novels, this is typically used to describe a character who was once good, and then turned "dark" or immoral after some kind of trauma. The "white lotus" version refers to the person before they changed, when they were still innocent.
I don't really like this character later on in the book, but the white lotus version is so adorable!
by luobinghe April 21, 2020
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Bitches that pretend to looks deep and elegant. But that are just the baits to let rich people fuck them so that they can get money. basically just an another version of green tea bitch.
Wow, she looks like she has a lot of fairyism in her but she is actually just a white lotus.
by middle fingers up December 16, 2016
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The most elite form of a fan of the show Avatar: the Last Airbender. Their base of operations is on facebook. A WLA member can recite the entire show word for word, without hesitation and has all the up to date news on the show, movie and other merchandise in relation to the series, it's actors and other crew members.
Person: What was that episode of avatar again where he learns firebending?

Another Person: I don't remember. Hey, I know! Ask a member of The White Lotus Avatards!!
by PerseusZeus October 7, 2010
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The most fatal of all kung-fu styles.
Luna: (...) Its called white lotus kung-fu
Huey: White lotus? Thats the deadliest style there is.

(Boondocks s01e06)
by 421Anonymous. November 2, 2013
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A collective of people highly addicted to CP
YO!! She’s 14!! Don’t pull a white lotus!
by Arcane Government June 5, 2023
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