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When a person pulls down their swim trunks and attempts to crest the water like a dolphin breaching the surface, thus exposing their pale, white asses to the world. A variant on mooning in a swimming context.
"Whoa dude! Look at those white dolphins! They're going to get sunburn."
by Croooooooow! April 15, 2014
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When a guy gets a blowjob in the hot tub underwater after taking a hit off the crackpipe.
Chaz was the benefactor of a white dolphin the other night.
by lethalvilledotnet November 14, 2008
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MDMA, or Ecstacy.

some of the best pills around, especially if found in southern california
little jack found a white dolphin pill and ate it, he was soon enough having the best time of his life.
by southerncalman April 28, 2008
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