A state of clitoral dysfunction (synonymous with Whiskey Dick), which is induced by a mass consumption of alcohol, usually forms of whiskey. It exists in three recognizable states, and can often have other degrees of effect depending on the individual.

Stage 1: Delayed Orgasm(s) (with sex/masturbation lasting hours.)

Stage 2: No Orgasm(s).

Stage 3: Stimulation Not Possible
Laying in bed with a strong stud, Shirley was now regretting all those shots of bourbon. She was suffering from whiskey clit.
by Spingo July 17, 2012
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when a girl cannot orgasm during sexual activities due to the consumption of alcohol.
K Job: How many times did he get you off last night?
Harris: None, we drank too much and I had whiskey clit.
by K Job April 28, 2006
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When a clitoris is so numbed by alcohol that you can pound that shot all day. And there will no effect.
When a bitch gets Whiskey clit, it’s like taking a butter knife to a diamond.
by Karrrrlito January 22, 2019
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