That highly-irritating casual two-tone whistle that someone sarcastically makes to either rudely make his presence known, express derision, or interrupt a noisy tirade.
Teenage boy, standing on the upstairs deck and watching his water-pistol-toting little brother searching for him in the yard below: Whee-whoo!
Younger brother, spinning around to try to squirt his big brother, but instead seeing a hugely-bulging water-balloon falling straight towards his head: Oh, craaa--- SPLUTSCH!!!
by QuacksO July 18, 2018
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The broth that comes from slow-cooked beans, of any variety, which may or may not have been cooked with pork. Ideally consumed from a mug, like coffee. Succinctly: bean broth.
"Mom just made a big crock pot of beans. I call first dibs on the whee whoo."
by BenTheGrate July 21, 2019
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