Originally coined by some idiot who kept saying it in chat. Originally meant nothing. Now it is a word used to get the other person (typically a streamer) to say the word back without knowing its part of the game.
Person in chat: wheater
Streamer: What the fuck is wheater?
by 2fat2ghey May 8, 2023
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Talking about something which does not exisit, i.e. bullshitting.

This has to be done in a literary context.
From the name Dr. Wheater, teacher of English.
Read obscure poetry, find a random sentence.
Extract absurd, yet apparantly intelligent, meaning for this sentence.

Shout "Wheaterism!"
by Nick Entwistle October 6, 2003
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To be a wheater means you are superior to everyone
Your an animal you mate you must be a wheater
by H4HKING February 14, 2022
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