What are you about?”

“What’s your agenda?”

“What are you looking for / to do?”

“Where are you coming from?”

Also: whatchu about, watchu about, what’chu about, wat’chu about, whatcha about, watcha ‘bout, whatchu ‘bout, watchu ‘bout, what’chu ‘bout, wat’chu ‘bout, whatcha ‘bout, what you’re about?
Person A: I know whatchu about … you wanna get into my pants.

Person B: That’s not at all what I’m ‘bout, I just wanna get to know you.
by ima90sbb February 20, 2009
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(phrase) - To inquire another individual as to how legit he or she is in a particular action or subject.

- To affirm the significance of an action or subject by presenting a personal knowledge and possibly cred in the given subject.

-What black people say to show superiority over white people at a specific action or subject.
-Whatchu know about (blank)?

-Whatchu know about vanilla pudding? That shits the truth.

-Whatchu know about being sick and tired of this bullshit?

-Whatchu know about basketball, son?
by Dark-side August 8, 2010
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