Means 'What's up?'

Often used to drag Miley Cyrus.
''Now.. back to.. this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley whats good?
by October 4, 2015
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means whats up, whats new, how've ya been?
yoo whats good??
nadaaa.. chillin chillin son..u?
by ashlee August 5, 2003
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"What Going on" "whats the proble between us"
"Are you lost"
Whats good is not always used in a nice way.
Even though most now believe it means "hello". You must be carfull it started of as a way of saying "whats your problem and what do you want to do about it." In some area if someone asks you "whats good" do not just repley with "Whats Good?" its can be taken as a clallenge. remeber is a question. so answer it.
by JayStaRr March 11, 2009
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Just another way of saying "what you been up to"
Tyrone:"Whats good ? homeboii"
Warren:"Nuttin Much breehh , youu ?"
by Laydee Ghee June 21, 2009
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1. Meaning What's Up or What's Going On?

2. When someone may have beef with you, "asking" if they have a problem

3. Asking if someone has drugs or whatever
1. Hey Bob! What's Good With Ya?

2. Hey I heard you were talkin shit. What's Good?

3. Man, What's Good with that green? Nothing now but I'll be good come Monday.
by Don't Care July 16, 2005
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