A phrase describing a stereotypical young urban white male, typically single and in his 20s. This phrase is usually used to denote stereotypical "Chad" behavior which is ususally derogatory.
Guy 1: "I just saw this dude pump out 100 push ups, then shotgun a beer."

Guy 2: "What a Chad."
by WilltheThrill March 19, 2018
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Used when referring to someone who just did something awesome. They are a G, a GOAT.
You just saved my life dude, what a chad
by EllaBellaa March 1, 2023
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This phrase is often times used when a male does a good or cool thing but in reality people are making fun of the “chad” character
Wow what a chad he has so many ball sacks
by Bigdickbill October 31, 2019
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A phrase used by sad lonely incels to describe normal people who can talk to women instead of hiding in their basement and blaming women for how pathetic they are while ranting online.
Guy 1: “Did you hear Greg was talking to Amber?”
Guy 1 “Really? He should’ve been in his basement crying about how she won’t see how great he is while abusing her on reddit. What a chad.”
by Chady chad May 9, 2018
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