3 definitions by Bigdickbill

Wtf are you doing here it’s national Halloween day get your ass up and fuck a bitch at a party just make sure she’s drunk and not you
Today’s October 31!
by Bigdickbill October 31, 2019
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This phrase is often times used when a male does a good or cool thing but in reality people are making fun of the “chad” character
Wow what a chad he has so many ball sacks
by Bigdickbill October 31, 2019
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The personality a person has on msn which might be completely different from their personality in real life.
"Jim is always hell funny on msn and really ladsy but in real life he's so depressing."
"Yeh, he has a funny msn personality."
by Bigdickbill October 5, 2008
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