Greeting, slang, used most commonly in South Africa (subsequently also the source of the term).

Also used as a question, in order to show emotion as well as to find out information about certain things.

Also spelt "whatkyn", "watkyn" or 'kyn".
Donavan: "What kind gents"
Crowd: "Howsit, what's up?"

Hermanus: "I wrapped that blunt in front of that pig ekse"
Flippie: " 'Ell what kind whitchu ekse? Are you stupid?"
by 4llwn November 8, 2010
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a) What is it with you?
b) Where do you come up with that?
a)What kind with you?
b)What kind with that story?
by anonymousSA August 11, 2005
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Used when you don't have a clue what you've just witnessed and when you appeal to a supernatural explanation, because you are too ignorant to be aware of the scientific explanation.

An example can be seen in the Sacha Baron Cohen's movie "The Dictator (2012)".
*after having a wank*
What kind of sorcery is this?!
by procletnika June 12, 2013
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This phrase is to ask what sort of clothing should be worn to a social event. e.g. formal, casual
"Hey let's go party tonight"

"Sure. What kind of swag?"

"Look hot. We're taking someone home tonight."
by crustychris August 31, 2011
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A common response to a stupid question, or a question that the person asking should know in the first place.
George: Alex, do you prefer the original Star Wars trilogy, or the prequels?

Alex: George, what kind of question is that?
by Mad Max man January 14, 2011
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When something unusual happens, and you're having a hard time understanding
Those guys were desperate for money, they robbed a church, what kind of mess is this!!!
by Edavis1997 December 17, 2018
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A term describing something that sucks/makes you angry/is weird. Often used by rapper Lil Shyne.
Dude playing Super Mario 3D World, but dies at the same point every time: "N*gga, what the sh*t, what... WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS?!?!
by Lil Shyne November 17, 2018
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