Slang for " What the Fuck " Usually used in text to save time

What the Fuck is also the meaning for "What the Hell?" Or "Whats happening?"
Text: Hi, I've heard some sound but WHAT DA FUCK IS HAPPENING?
by WolvemaniaWRITES November 19, 2016
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Questioning with great expression somthing somone has said.
Dude#1: dude, my ex-girlfriend got a sex change...

Dude#2: What da fuck chuck?!?!?!?
by MR.MYSTERIO. March 30, 2009
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A song that has a very strange meaning, and makes you ponder.
*the song "what's my name again" by blink 182 starts playing, a key example of a what-da-fuck song*
Jim: what the fuck?
by chordie March 22, 2009
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