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Whackerball. Wow. That's just a whacky word isn't it? So you ask yourself "What is this crazy new word?" Well, we can tell you. Whackerball is only the funnest game known to mankind, so far.... Let us describe whackerball and its origins. First of all, Whackerball was created by three 14 year old boys who just couldn't decide what they wanted to do with their summer day. They had four options: play basketball, play baseball, play four square, or simply whack off. So they thought to themselves, why not do all of them at the same time? However, they decided that whacking off with three guys at once would be highly against their lifestyle choices. The boys picked up their bats, one basketball, and the 60 piece bucket of chalk. With the chalk they drew a fairly large circle in the street in front of one their driveways. They next divided the circle into three equal parts. Now that they had their playing field, they can begin the game.


So that is a rough outline of the game Whackerball. Feel free to play and come up with your own more specific rules. The game is about fun. Keep it that way. Haters back off. Oh and by the way, the game is called whackerball because we had to fit whacking off in there somewhere... ENJOY!!!!!
1.One person per section holding one metal baseball bat.
2. One basketball is necessary to play this game (preferably large)
3. The game is similar to four square in the sense that yo hit the ball from section to section.
4. One player starts with the ball and hits it into another players section (don't be too harsh for beginners)
5. The player whose section the ball has last bounced in now must get the ball to land in another players' section any way possible. You can only use the bat, and the ball can not bounce more than three times on the ground before landing in another players' section. If the ball bounces more than three times, that player receives a point. (points are bad)
6. When a player reaches 11 points, they are out of the game.
7. When there is only one player left, that player is the Whackerball champ
by whacking kings August 01, 2011
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