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when a weird looking redhead recieves oral sex from a desperate girl
Hey did you hear?! Cory Flores totally got a wet cheeto last night from some floored bitch!
by nighthawk.tw420 May 06, 2009
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when ur feening for Cheetos but the snack bar is closed and you find one that fell out of a wet trash bag on the stairwell at hma
Atkins: I’m hungry and the mess halls closed

Other: I saw a wet Cheeto on the stairwell.
Atkins: bet gotta blast.
Other: what the fuck?
by Kkk469 December 01, 2018
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When your at a basketball game and the kid under you in the bleachers has a cheeto that was on the floor in a puddle of water and If you dont take It he'll tell his mom
You: watch the game
Kid: *stares at you* eat the wet cheeto
by Bezerk3r_FizzleYt September 01, 2019
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