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When someone is upset or overreacts to a joke/roast about them.
Jacob: “Did you roast Adam about how bad his team played on the weekend”
Theo: “Yeh I did, and he got Wet Eye!”
by Rekerter October 20, 2018
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The wet looking glaze that a gay man consistently has over his eyes. Usually the tell tale sign that a man is gay. (It is said that gay men are born with a second tear duct that periodically secretes a tear-like substance that is more viscous, as to remain in the eye socket and not tear out. Medical studies are pending, however at the moment it is too sensitive an issue to discuss.)
There were about 40 shirtless gay men surrounding me and my lesbian friend, all of which piercing their wet eyes at me. I felt like a straight tugboat in the middle of a gay ocean during an angry, gay thunderstorm.
by Steve McCormick August 10, 2006
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Wet eyes is a Southern term for people who have really deep blue eyes like the ocean.
Jobo has wet eyes, they are like the ocean.
by MarriedTrouble July 16, 2012
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white people who cry when they get in trouble for being horrid
ie. crying when they get in trouble for calling 911 on black people doing (fill in the blank)
ie. when their dealer cuts them off for not having money but they're hooked
Ol' Wet Eyes over there sobbing cause today she's not getting away with racism and hatred.
by mamadweezil July 23, 2018
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