The two theifs on Home Alone, Marv and Harry who leaves the water on in every house.
Marv: Remember, we're the wet bandits.
Harry: Shut Up!
by coolperson21 September 26, 2011
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A female who secretes large amounts of fluid from the vagina during sexual arrousal, and repeatedly leaves this fluid behind on car seats, couches, bar stools, etc.
"Hey, Tim. I hear you hooked up with Amy last night."

"Na bro. All I got to do was fingerblast her in the front seat of my car. She had to go to church in the morning. But man does she get wet. When she got up, the seat was soaked."

"Yeah, man. She's a real wet bandit."
by Kevin20012001 May 29, 2006
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Mysterious man who strikes at unsuspecting bathrooms of mainly chinese restaurants and burger king's. He pisses on walls and shit on floors while leaving a poetic note to the oblivious Nips or apathetic high school kids who work there. He is generally accompanied by his accomplices The Bathroom Brawler and The Ass Burglar. The Wet Bandit's legend is well known on a 300 mile stretch of north eastern I-80 as he struck an unprecedented 7 times in one day.
"Roses are red,
Toilets are missed,
Drop your head
And see where i pissed"

"fuck my life, the Wet Bandit left a nutty shit on the bathroom floor again.. who is this guy?
by Adamthe K December 18, 2008
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the act of eating a vagina with a dip in preferably longhorn. After you are done munching her pink hole you take the dip out and insert it in her vagina.
last night i was eating out jess after i was done working that pussy i gave her the wet bandit
by noobler elf October 9, 2007
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