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A rich part of the Hamptons. Everyone who goes there to spend the summers have very nice cars including BMW GMC Mercedes Audi Porshe Lambro's and many other nice cars. It is not a surprize if a child gets a mercedes for their 16 birthday. The kids there live the lives we all wish we could. They ride around in their golfcarts picking up friends at a young age of 13, the police dont car because the children are "privledged" It is not a surprize to see a group of girls riding their $300 bikes to the beach. If you are a somebody in Westhampton you have to belong to belong to their prestigious Country Club. The teenagers that come during the summer know how to party the right way. Most of the locals dont have alot of money it is only the summer people that have alot. Pink ralph lauren polos with white shorts arent very uncommon among the teenagers. Boys were vinyard vines shorts with polos. Dont be suprized if your a local and you get a dirty look from one who has a summer house their.
Girl 1: I dont feel like riding my $500 bike to the beach today.
Girl 2. My daddys chauffer could bring us!
Girl 3: Or I could drive us to the beach in my Mercedes!

Girl 1: After we go to the beach we should go play golf or tennis at Westhampton Country Club!
by Summer days in WHB January 25, 2009
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