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The freaking bad ass drummer of Seven Story Fall. Known well for his fabulous hair and hardcore drumming abilities.
Cool Kid 1; Yo breh did you see Seven Story Fall's set last night?
Cool Kid 2; Damn straight I did. Wesley Moore is BOSS!
by Kuhhristyn! September 01, 2009
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An amazing guy. He is drop dead gorgeous and easy to get on with. He is very creative and very good with tasks with require imagination. For example, he is fantastic at playing musical instruments and art.
A Wesley Moore is so kind and caring, it's hard not to adore him. He can be romantic when he wants to, he is always funny and never fails to make someone at least smile, he is exciting and a slight adrenaline junky at times. He has countless talents but one of his most amazing ones would have to be bmxing and bike tricks.

A Wesley Moore is also very tall and muscly. He has a body shape that men envy and woman adore.

Everyone loves a Welsey Moore!
Guy 1: Hey, what would you like for your birthday?
Guy 2: Oh, i'd love a Wesley Moore please!
by hellob6 May 25, 2011
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