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A female with an excessively overgrown, and grossly gratuitous amount of pubic hair that has been allowed to burgeon forth, entirely unchecked.
Hook quaked with nervous excitement as Lilianna stood over him, seductively removing her miniskirt. While slowly sliding her panties down, her werebeaver suddenly sprang forth, instantly repulsing Hook and destroying any hint of sexual interest that he had. There would be no way to bring himself to endure the wiry wrath of her unchecked werebeaver.
by PleaseShave September 05, 2010
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A mythical creature most prominently found in or around Norther Brazil, although sightings have occurred all around the globe. A Werebeaver could be anyone of us. Man by day, but under the cover of the full moon, a large, buckteeth having, bark and flesh craving Werebeaver. In the same fashion as their distant cousin the Werewolf, once bitten by a Werebeaver, you too become one of the tree-nibbling buggers. Their numbers are large, much like their two front teeth, so it's advised if you spot one, to stay away. The only thing that can stop a Werebeaver is a Silver-Wooden Spike.

No known cure for Werebeaveritus (of being infected by Werebeaver) is known. It's a proven and scientifically sound fact that 1 out of 5 people you encounter are in fact Werebeaver.

Stay away from dammed areas of rivers and streams. Werebeavers are more prominent in these areas.
Billy: "I talked to Bob the other day..."

John: "Oh I saw Bob Chewing down his front tree last night."

Billy: "I've been suspecting he was a Werebeaver for months now!"

John: "Do you still have that Silver-Wooden Spike I gave you??"

Turned out John also was a Werebeaver and they bit Billy, Werebeavering him. You can trust NO ONE.

by JBDobber March 23, 2009
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