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The word 'Weejus' originates from the 1998 ChuckleVision episode: 'Gold Rush', where the creepy old man says: "Weejus told you where to go". This quote represents the physically non-existent entity 'Weejus' instructing the two heroes, Paul and Barry, where to go to complete their quest. Their quest is not specified throughout the entire episode, but it is hinted that 'Sneff' has a big part to play in the whole situation.
Paul: "Weejus told us where to go, Barry; it's as simple as that."

Ms. Ellie: "Noyoyo, noyoyewen, Weejus, Weejus, Weejus."

Barry: "I don't think this is one of your better ideas, Paul..."
by Ms. Blenkisopp February 13, 2012
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