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A ritual where the participants, sit down and blaze all Wednesday. Weednesday is announced at noon and everybody is welcome except Bongsucking leeches...
Eirik: Man last weednesday was wicked.
Henrik: Yeah, too bad PĆ„l Got bong sickness and barfed us out of the house.

Eirik + Henrik: We hereby annonuce the weednesday started:
Everybody else: yeah lets get high!
Halvard: Yeah!
Henrik + Eirik: Go home you bongsucking leech!
by Mr Ragga N`Chips October 08, 2009
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The day in the middle of the week on which you must smoke the weed, in order to survive until the weekend.
Thank God its Weednesday,i don't think i would've made it till Friday
by K weed March 22, 2018
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