Girls pay for caller identification because it gives them peace of mind to weed out calls from their boyfriends.
by 90zizo June 28, 2009
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Verb. When one "does" weed
I don't like it when grace starts weeding out.
by JK :] June 28, 2010
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when a room is so full of smoke and the smell of pot that one is unable to enter without suffocating.
"My buddy was smoking grass in my room yesterday, it smelled terrible. I got weeded out and had to bunk with Johnny."
by Two Fry February 07, 2010
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A class, typically in college, that is meant to make the student rethink their major/career path due to unprecedented heavy course loads, high stress-levels, and high-paced environment.
Jake: "Hey, did you take Econ 103 yet? I heard it's a weed-out class for business majors."
Nathan: "Yeah I did, I barely passed with a C+....I'm thinking about switching majors."
by dingleboer February 01, 2019
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1.When Someone is so on high on weed that they can't tell the difference between a girl or a boy.

2.When someone has finished casually smoking some weed.
by WillTurnerMan December 06, 2009
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