A subtype of the typical weeaboo, a weebologist is a wannabee Japanese person who, unlike most standard weebs, actually know a lot about Japan. This does not means their intense desire to be Japanese is alright in this case, merely that they actually know more than usual about what they're obsessing over, which makes it not as bad but still not recommendable. This type of weeaboo is rare because most weebs aren't smart enough or have the patience to actually do their research. It is important to differentiate a weebologist from someone who isn't a weeaboo but knows a lot about Japan, as in, in order to be considered a weebologist one must also have the standard weeaboo traits such as pretending to be Japanese or wishing they were Japanese. Simply having studied a lot about Japan does not make you a weebologist.

The term "Weebologist" comes from the word "weeaboo," meaning "wannabe Japanese" and the suffix "ologist," a person who studies a particular kind of science. Although it isn't a scientifically accurate term, (it technically would mean "person who studies weebness") it is meant to play on how scientists or researchers job title ends in "ologist" in a way that means a weeaboo who intensely researches the object of their obsession (Japan.)
Person 1: Have you noticed how much of a weeaboo she is? I mean, I already knew she refused to watch anything that isn't anime and thinks everything Japanese is inherently superior, but I wasn't expecting her to know about every single division of the Japanese government.
Person 2: Yeah, she's surpassed standard weebness. She's a weebologist.
by TheWeird August 10, 2016
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