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A rational person who thinks anyone who obsesses over an idealized version of Japanese culture is a retard. If a person thinks that they're not a weeaboo because they only watch the "good anime" in the original Japanese, they should commit seppuku or just drink some bleach or whatever those kids are doing now. Suicide is very popular in Japan; if you're a true japanophile then you know what to do.
That weeaboo hater is exactly right and also very handsome.
by Creamiest Goodness October 17, 2012
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Indisputable Definition:

A person who, at the least, dislikes a Japanese-aggrandizing quality in people (but may direct such a mild attitude to absolute fury).

Definitions by Statistically Evident Tendencies (call them stereotypes/biases, if you wish):

The Reasonable: A glance at rational, deductive considerations.

- A person that dislikes how hyper manga/anime makes weeaboos.

- A person that dislikes the generally blasphemous Japanese-to-English translation that weeaboos choose to parrot over and over.

- A person that looks favorably upon a certain weeaboo despite its typical basement-dweller characteristic, since the hater doesn't assume that all weeaboos to be the same, and finds this one to be logically sound.

The Unreasonable: A gander at senseless, inductive deliberation.

- A person that dislikes weeaboos owing to the plain fact that they are interested in manga/anime/Japanese culture.

- A person that dislikes weeaboos merely because a lot of reasonable people do.

- An overly Nationalist person finds the concept of cultural identity as a relevant factor.

- When the weeaboo shrieks in delight over Naruto's status as Hokage, a weeaboo hater might say 'Shut up. Stop being so excited. Why are you running like that? Stop performing jutsus!'

- Weeaboo hater: 'Please stop saying things like "at any rate," "I'm going to send you flying," "trump card," "Daniel-San," and "Kyaaaaaaah!"

- Weeaboo: 'I do not support Double4Anime's rants and I'm only a weeaboo since I love manga storylines and marvel at the ridiculous expenditure of time and skill used to produce such wonderful art. I never go nuts over a plot twist or a climax.' Weeaboo hater: 'You're hired.'


- Weeaboo hater: 'I did a project with a weeaboo once. I knew that she was going to say something stupid the moment I asked her, for fun, what manga she liked. She said, "Gintama is funny since it makes fun of common manga clichΓ©s." Dumbass. I knew she'd read something so stupid as a manga.'

- Inside the head of a weeaboo hater, prior to hating: 'It seems like there are smarter people hating on weeaboos on average than there are smart weeaboos. If I start hating on them, maybe I'll appear smart!'

- Weeaboo hater: ' 'Murica! '

'You can't throw away the culture you were born to. Otherwise, you're not a real Christian!'

You shouldn't denounce someone just because he prefers a different culture. Having been born under a certain flag by no means justifies allegiance to it. If a naturally born Christian prefers Buddhist values, so be it! Let him convert.
by AliasAnonymousCaesar January 28, 2018
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Someone who seems to hate people who aren't japanese but like japan for no logical reason.

Many seem to misunderstand that they overly like anime and manga and learn japanese from these. Also many misunderstand that DBZ isn't an american anime/manga and was written by Akira Toriyama and isnt a decent anime/manga. Weeaboo haters think that they really know everything there is about anime/manga/Japan. They give "weeaboos" shit for watching the americanized versions of anime, for speaking Japanese, for eating japanese food and for wanting to go to japan.
weeaboo haters are very confused people and we should have sympathy for them.

(i was recently called a weeaboo and would like to prove that im not.)
A Weeaboo hater would use one of these actual def's of weeaboo from UD
1. Any self-proclaiming anime fan who alienates themselve from their own society and assimilate into the Japanese culture from which they know little-to-none about; using their so-called anime knowledge as a guide, which destined them to ultimate failure in assimilation. 2.As far as anime goes, they know only little. For example, the average weeaboo knows only americanized anime; preferly uncut with jap. audio and eng. subs ( E.g. Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, Haruhi Suziyama, Lucky Star, etc...) and memorized every japanese song from their favorite shows.
Not in reference to someone who likes to watch some anime, reads some manga, eats some teriyaki once or twice a month, etc. The main difference is that a Weeaboo doesn't care about the culture, where a non-weeaboo (I don't know the term, does. A weeaboo speaks Wapanese (i.e. Kawaii neko!! Can I hug your neko-chan?). However they are not to be confused with someone who is still learning Japanese. They base the majority of their knowledge, if not all of it, of Japan on really bad anime. Not decent ones like Pretear or Suzumiya Haruhi. Shit ones like DBZ.
by Keira H. November 24, 2009
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