A Spanish language derogatory term for a male (Weda- female) of specifically Anglo-Saxon, or northern European descent. This term is used most commonly in a derogatory way by Mexicans as opposed to other Spanish speaking peoples to which the term does not take on a derogatory meaning.
This ambiguity in the term's meaning is why one might hear this word said directly to one's face and not think anything of it, though coming from a Mexican, it is similar in meaning to "Cracker", "Honky" or "Whitey".
Mexican- "Hey Wedo!"

Wedo-"Well, hello there, Miguel!"
by Finniganswake314 March 14, 2010
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A Mexican boy or man that looks or acts more white than Mexican. Usually the product of a interracial relationship between a Mexican person and someone of white origin. The term historically refers to the offspring of Spanish colonizers who raped indigenous women in Mexico and central America.
Oye, piche wedo, ven aquí!
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Derogatory term in Spanish for a white person. Used a lot in Southern California.

It means "white person" or "whitey".

It is used when a person exhibits behavior typically associated with rich, white people.
"Pinche WEDO!"

"Look at that wedo, he is such a wedo."
by Nip Hop October 28, 2009
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