When you're extremely bored that you search up a Disney song...
What definition do you want?! Go outside or something

Ok fine, 'We don't talk about Bruno' is a Disney song from the movie 'Encanto'
What more do you want?
Person 1: Hey, how you doing?
Person 2: I am extremely bored, so I search up that one song We don't talk about Bruno. from Disney's Encanto...
Person 1: Go outside XD
by Hfjdujdjzhxjd January 19, 2022
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An honest observation/fact that no one speaks aloud due to pressures/threats/denials/shaming by elders, managers, media, and other people in positions of power or influence.

An honest truth or question unspoken for the sake of not upsetting a person, people, or situation.

Something/Someone hidden not to shame/upset a third party.
"How can they be angry at us?! Of COURSE we're behind! We need four people to do the job, and they only gave us two!"
"Hey man - we don't talk about Bruno. They just want us to get it done."

"I heard Monica's sister is sleeping with-"
"Ayyy we don't talk about Bruno about the party, okay? Just be cool and keep it topical."
by ShadeHermit January 12, 2022
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It is a song from Encanto.

Search it up on Google if your so desperate.

The basic definition is that Bruno was a good boi. Why u bully him
Me: We Don't Talk About Bruno, no no noooo
Friend: Why don't we talk about Bruno?
Me: It was my wedding day..
Friend: Wait, you had a wedding? How come I wasn't invited?!
Me: Let me finish bro
by bruno fan March 19, 2022
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