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A kickass band that released one of the coolest post-hardcore albums ever, "To Plant A Seed", and two EPs, "Demonstrations" and "Dreams". Their catchy lyrics and guitar riffs are coupled by outstanding bass and enveloping drum fills. Both unclean and clean vocals are major parts of their music, each singer having a unique tone and projection. They aren't a Christian band, but their lyrics have an uplifting, positive theme to them. Overall, they deserve more popularity than they recieve.
We Came As Romans is music for the soul.
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An incredible post-hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan. They currently have four full lengthened albums out: To Plant a Seed (2009), Understanding What We've Grown to Be (2011), Tracing Back Roots (2013), and We Came As Romans (2015). Their music may have gotten softer over the years, but that doesn't mean that they suck. All of their music has uplifting and inspirational lyrics, whether the song is heavy or not, thanks to the writing talent of lead guitarist, Joshua Moore.

Current line up:
Dave Stephens (all unclean vocals and some cleans)
Kyle Pavone (clean vocals and synth)
Andy Glass (Bass)
Joshua Moore (lyrics and lead guitar)
Lou Cotton (Rhythm guitar)
Eric Choi (drums)
Who writes better lyrics than We Came As Romans? No one.
by Make Total Destroy March 29, 2016
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