The best internet challenge when, someone reveals their fresh waves from under their du rag.
by CoqItcher January 11, 2019
When someone wit the freshest waves takes off their du rag for a viral video
Yooooo javazion do a Wave check I know u got sauce
by Travongotswag January 11, 2019
when a person removes his or her du rag to reveal the most cleanest waves of all time.
Let’s do a Wave Check video tomorrow you have the cleanest waves it will go viral
by Travongotswag January 11, 2019
A Wave Check is a checking of someones waves. Before you run your hand through the front of the hair to the back, you need to say WAVE CHECK. Now simply run your hand through the front of their head to the back.
Person 1: Hey Jamal, Wave Check!
Jamal: Don't you dare...
by Chicken Leg Bis December 18, 2019
Upon request one must immediately reveal the diddies waves without hesitation.
“Wave Check”

*DaQuavion removes durag
“Boy got drip!”
by drip god March 28, 2019