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A person described as this is known for wearing plaid and/or flannel shirts in order to resemble a burly lumberjack. Also wears knock-off Timberland boots so that his lumberjack look is extremely enhanced. Normally seen with an unshaven face because of all of the time spent chopping wood. Hairy chests are not uncommon among these folk.

When seen wearing glasses, appears as a smarter version of a lumberjack. A person labeled as this can often be found at the University of Dayton improving his organic chemistry skills to insure that Professor Morrow is blown away by his passion.

Anyone characterized as Watterworthy is known for confusing words such as the "same" and "identical" and is always ready to chop some firewood. Many of lumberjack descent enjoy pancakes as well.
That guy looks so Watterworthy with their axe and red flannel shirt!

Did you see that Watterworthy man stuffing his brain with ochem and his mouth with pancakes?!
by ochemlover123 February 16, 2010
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