Water Pong is the generic term referring to a revolutionary take on beer pong. The game Poolside Pong is the Inflatable beer pong table that allows you to play beer pong in water. Hence the term water pong.
by 310h! March 11, 2009
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For lovers of the sport of beer pong (or beirut, however you prefer), water pong is the equivalent, but it can be played in a context in which alcoholic beverages would be inappropriate. The rules of this game are the same as the rules of regular beer pong.
Yo Justine, I don't have any work to do, let's go to the room next to the library and play some water pong.
by DPackFrisco December 11, 2008
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the follow up game to beer pong, played the morning after so that everyone can return to their hydrated state. played exactly like beer pong
dude, im hungover and dehydrated. its time for water pong.
by malanda November 20, 2005
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