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Poolside Pong is a revolutionary twist to the popular game of beer pong. It has taken America's favorite drinking game and made it better than ever. Poolside Pong is the year round inflatable beer pong table that has all the features of traditional beer pong and more! Its unique and portable design allows you to bring beer pong out of homes and dorms and into pools, lakes, beaches and tailgate parties. Poolside Pong is the ultimate year round accessory that no party should be without! Poolside Pong is often referred to in a more generic term water pong.

Poolside Pong is played exactly like regular beer pong but in the water, and although bouncing is more difficult, it's not impossible. Poolside Pong is commonly written about on blogs as a perfect game for pick up and creating a fun social dynamic at the beach, lake, or on spring break, because the familiarity of the game in a new setting creates a buzz that everyone wants to be part of.

by 310h! March 11, 2009
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