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Arabic word meaning family or nation. Used to describe a person or persons who are dear to you. fam blud crew
Blad your messing with me? Me and my Watan are gonna fuck you up.

You're part of my Watan now fam.
by CantfuckwithBoklyn101 November 22, 2010
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Watan is weird and awakward in a good way. she is really pretty, cute and smart she is really nice, and is cery honest *sometimes* and she is bad at socializing but if you start a convesation she would gladly talk. In all she is really amazing and if you see her be friends with her she is worth it.
Person:why cant talk more she is very quit

Watan:*glares into the persons soul for five seconds and the smiles*
Person: *smiles back nervosly* hah...
Watan:*smile fades instantly and goes back to what she is doing like the person never existed*.
by JDJEBSKX March 03, 2018
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