The feeling of being tired, sad, lonely, worthless, and confused at the same time.
by Sleepysunflower May 30, 2020
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To deplete, to disinegrate, decapitate, to lose all excess and become essential.
I lay in my bed and waste away.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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When someone who is soo fat is just standing there eating food...
"hey! look at skinny (sarcastic) over there wasting away.."
by clive smith May 30, 2005
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From the French "oiseaute" (wasot or was'te). When applied to someone, to be as happy and hyper-active as a bird.
- Yo dude, Clara wasted away last weekend, was she on drugs?
- Nah, she just had a LOT of red bull.
by spanishdevil November 21, 2010
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