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Sexy lookin nigga with an 8 pack and a sexy personality. Always gets it going. Can be a gangsta, baller, and rapper at the same time. Hes born for success and doesn't let any muthafucka get in his way. Swagger to the maximum, bitch overload, girls in da bed, so you know he gettin' it on!
"Damn Nigga, you see that beast baller lookin dude on the block over there? DAYUM NIGGA, THATS A WASIF, SON"

"Oh baby, you are such a Wasif in bed"

"Oh DAYUM son, your body look like a Wasif!"
by All The Sexy Gyaldems October 18, 2011
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A boy that will be very successful in life, and will cause a person much stress. On his way to the top, as a song writer, model, or anything he will lose the most important people to him in his life without noticing. A Wasif is also one that will break your fragile heart in the nicest way possible.
Its okay girl I told you that boy was a Wasif.

He broke your heart, how Wasif of him.
by miss.honesty January 27, 2011
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