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Washougal, WA
A town consisting of rednecks and methlabs
Located directly across the Columbia River from Portland, OR
home of the great Washougal Motocross park
Hey man, were gunna go riding up at Washougal.

dude look at Bo's shitty car, he must be from Washougal!

Damn Joe is a true Washougal Redneck, inst he!
by washougalsPHIL March 05, 2008
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Washougal, Washington

Home of the most rednecks per capita than in the entire state of Washington!

Also noted, Washougal High School consists of more Tweakers, Sluts, Whores, and Stoners than any other in Washington!

Two wonderful records!

Rumor has it Washougal got its name from the Native Americans.

A white guy had an Indian wife, that never bathed. Finally the Indian cheif got fed up, and went to the white man and said "Washa you gal", hence Washougal!

Proper pronunciation is Wash-oo-gul.

Also known by the locals as "The Shoug"
Dude, you live in Washougal? Pass the speed man!
by jonathon August 26, 2005
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This small community is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River, with its lowlands and famous prairie situated on the west entrance to the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Motorists who approach Washougal from the west on the Lewis & Clark Highway are impressed with the majestic display of Mount Hood rising above the Cascade Mountains framed by the columnar cliffs that signal the gateway of the Gorge and the great Columbia River that reflects its view. This setting of natural beauty has inspired many an explorer, both old and new.

A place that has inspired so much jealousy that people from Camas (a localy inferior town) hate on it
Washougal is a much cooler place than Camas!
by enderhall July 30, 2008
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