Anyone who makes a living out of washing various things. This person typically makes the same wages as a high schooler. This person also has no goals or aspirations in his/her life which is why they are known as a wash bitch.
That 40-Year-Old wash bitch is such white trash!
by Thepianist15 March 11, 2009
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A male who undermines his masculinity by participating in a rather feminine tradition, washing dishes.

This DWB is often considered a nancy and a sailor of anul ports.

Which ever man is willing to disgrace testosterone at the wish of his female counterpart should be shot.
Person 1: "Tshego is the biggest Dish Washing Bitch I have ever met."

Person 2 : "I know, the fact that he does a bitches job on a daily basis is sickening."

Person 1: "Let's shoot him."

Person 2: "Ya, let's."
by qwertybobsid August 20, 2011
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A person who enjoys eating shit out of someones asshole or mouth
Shut up you back wash bitch, your nasty
by Joe jeffries May 31, 2008
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to become a bitch, or booty indifferent due to a long unhealthy relationship with a bitch.
that nigga mikes so bitch washed, he aint try for pussy in a year
by craxFIVESIX October 31, 2008
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the inablity to fuck, and/or communicate with members of the opposite sex due to a leech/girlfriend sucking the life force out of you.
Kid: that dude Rob, he's not pulling skirts is he bitch washed?
Other kid: Nah, he's just a faggot yo.

Other example:

Bitch washed nigga: yo I love her man, shes my only one.
Other normal kid: yo u a faggot
by TheWIRENIGGA14444 March 21, 2009
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