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"Warner Chilcott," or sometimes simply "Chilcott," is an offensive expletive used in times of extreme duress or frustration. Expresses the extreme dislike or disgust for something. The term was originally tagged by Hank Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers.
Warner Chilcott! The cost of my prescription drugs just increased by 1200%.

I hate this Chilcotting healthcare system.

Holy effing Chilcott, I'm paying up the Chilcott for this medication.

I just got Chilcotted by my drug company.

For the love of all that is holy, please stop Warner Chilcotting me!

Don't be such a Chilcott.

What the Warner Chilcott is going on?!

This is just a crock of Chilcott.
by DFTBA7 January 26, 2011
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To commit an act of unspeakable evil and uncalled for malice, just because you can. Said act is often committed just for the fun of it.

Anybody who pulls a Warner Chilcott is undoubtedly a Decepticon- the opposite of a Nerdfighter- and instead of being made of up bones and flesh and stuff, is made of suck and fail.
What do you mean the cost of my prescription is increasing by 1200%?! Don't you Warner Chilcott me!!
by Never FTBA January 25, 2011
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Warner Chilcott is a drug company who recently increased their medication prices from $50 to $600 without notifying any of the doctors who prescribe such medicine. The low price of $50 was part of a deal that was to expire on April Fool's day 2011 (obviously as part of a joke to its customers) but the deal was cancelled four months before the expiration date. This angered many people, including Hank Green, a youtuber and nerdfighter. Green called his subscribers to help bombard the CEO of Warner Chilcott, Roger Boissonneault, with emails about the incident.

To Warner Chilcott someone is to go back on your word. To convince someone you will do one thing, but later, do the opposite.
We need to say to these companies that it's not okay for them to Warner Chilcott us like that.
by Loyal Nerdfighter January 25, 2011
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1) verb: to screw over, betray or take advantage of people
Dude, have you seen this bill?

Man, how can they Warner Chilcott us like that?

What are you up to today?
Nothing much, just thought I'd Warner Chilcott a whole load of people.
by Roxy Black January 25, 2011
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