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1. The surge of good feeling that shoots through your body when you have been standing in the cold all day and you go in a heated house or building.

2. The comfortable feeling after exiting the shower, drying yourself off, and going under a big blanket.
After freezing his ass off waiting for a cab, Joe went inside the Coffee shop and had a Warmgasm.

I was camping and had to piss in the middle of the night, I then proceed to enter my sleeping bag and have a Warmgasm.
by Lord Dolin of Olde December 10, 2008
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The feeling of intense satisfaction in feeling warm after being outrageously cold for a period of time.
It was freezing outside but it's hella warm in here. I'm getting a major warmgasm.
by Tara_Aime November 02, 2010
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The feeling you get when you enter a warm room after being in a cold room.
bro, I just had a warmgasm
by Fantastic_Nothing October 01, 2019
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