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A small set of videos on Lee Dainton's YouTube channel (Daint66) of Mathew Pritchard (or "Pritchard" for short) a star of the popular MTV show 'Dirty Sanchez' also starred in 'Wrecked' 'Sanchez Get High' 'Balls Of Steel' and 'Dirty Sanchez The Movie'. The original video 'Wankgate' is of Pritchard masturbating or fondling with himself in the back of van and being caught on camera by Lee Dainton (who also starred in all that Pritchard was in except for 'Balls Of Steel') and the rest of their tour crew. The video has since been removed from YouTube probably because Pritchard doesn't want his Mother to see as he said in the 'wankgate reaction vid' There has also been 'wankgate part 2' where it shows and edited video of Pritchard giving oral sex to a sex toy (dildo) weather it was his or not I have no idea.. And finally the 3rd video is of Pritchard wearing a glove and explaining that it's his "wank glove" it's probably Dan Joyce's seems like the sort of thing he would do..
by P192GME May 22, 2011
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