A saying made by the you-tuber: YouSuckAtCooking, which means to mix together.
He often uses this phrase instead of saying mix/stir .
"ya now you just gonna, want to wang jangle all that together."
by KarateCandy12 October 24, 2018
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To stir or mix
I'm just going go ahead and wang jangle this potato salad.
by dub-a-lub-a-dub-dub September 24, 2015
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1. To stir or mix the ingredients of a recipe
2. To position or maneuver.
3. To acquire or obtain.
It was a tight fit, but we managed to wang-jangle the sofa into the apartment

I might be able to wang-jangle some extra money from my dad
by Smuggler719 October 12, 2015
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