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Noun: A dark chocolate man with the attitude of a 6 year old girl.
He incessantly mumbles, and the only word that can be deciphered from the grumbling is the word "cunt".
He does not know how to argue, and when he loses an argument, he becomes butthurt.
He cannot help but wrestle every man in sight to prove his gayness.
When he attempts send a text message, it becomes nothing but complete gibberish to the receiver.
He also is a total creeper when it comes to people's mothers.

Verb: To pussy out of the Navy. Twice.
Example 1: God, quit being such a Wandick and speak the fuck up!

Example 2:
White Dude: Hey, check out that fine bitch with an hourglass body.
A Wandick: (Mumbling) Naw cunt, I'd rather go chubby chasing, even though I claim to tell everyone that they must be in peak physical condition, cunt.
by xXKAPPAkappaKAPPAXx August 21, 2009
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