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Verb: To feel wanderlust, a strong desire to see the world or the impulse to travel
Etymology: Wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire).

Wandern does not mean "to wander", but rather "to hike." Placing the two words together translates directly to "to enjoy hiking"
More commonly used to mean in a sense the "love of travel"
Watching that show made me all wanderlusty and shit.

I'm feeling really wanderlusty right now, let's go somewhere!
by justjeff September 12, 2010
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pronunciation: wan der lust e

a very strong or irresistible urge to fuck every guy.

etymology: german : wandern, to wander + lusty, desire
"i was so drunk on saturday night, i was getting all wanderlusty."

look at that wanderlusty broad. she's in heat, rubbing all up on maurice there!"

by marymaroon November 12, 2007
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