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A creature who is small but mighty. The walu is either angry or messing around no in between. When seen in its natural habitat the walu is very active and annoying. When it comes across other creature or humans, the walu tends to widen its eyes sniffle its nose and trys to dry hump everything in sight. the walu is very reliable but tends to get attacked by everything it comes accross. The walu only mate when it finds another walu witch may take ages.
What is the Walu doing?
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by THEE_WALU April 21, 2017
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When you're girlfriend is frantically looking for her keys and you're sleeping in bed and she demands that you get out of bed to search for them this instant. And you reply... "What do you wan't me to do woman! Walus around like a orangutan!?

Walus - To move your arms side by side in the air frantically.
That guy was walusing around being a complete idiot.
Sometimes when the music plays you're not sure what to do, just walus.
by Dombass June 11, 2018
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A Walus (pronounced va-loosh) is someone who does has gay tendencies ans tends to be extremely annoying. Generally, a Walus is someone that does not have many friends or social life. It is often used in the same context as wankeror twat.
Guy 1: See that nigga over there? Does he have any friends?
Guy 2: I don't think so, but he tried to slap my ass yesterday so I swung.
Guy 1: LMAO swear down he's such a Walus
by mydadleftmewheniwas4 March 01, 2018
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