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The effect of a very powerful vaginal flatulence that after having been built up for several hours, pushes out through the vaginal cavity, vibrating the labia, which appear to be two floundering carp gasping for breath as they foam at the mouth, then once past the labia, the hairy FUPA lifts making the vaginal flatulance sound like a Walrus Belching.
Ghon never heard or smelled a Walrus Belch before, until he was at the gym and an old sea hag doing the hip abductor machine bent over to get her super big gulp of diet soda and upon rising, she let out a Walrus Belch which sent Ghon, who was doing another set of curls, into convulsions. The old sea hag saw what happened, and began to give Ghon CPR, but not being able to bend over to breathe into his mouth, she mounted up and Walrus Belched into his mouth, this quickening him back from death's door. For the next several weeks, Ghon had to drink a half a bottle of scotch to forget his woes and to rid himself of the taste of a Walrus Belch.
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by SkulletBuster August 03, 2016
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