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Walnutport is defined as a business sector of Slatington. Walnutport runs through route 145, the bottom of Main Street and where the mountain starts. Walnutport is just used for mailing address.

The cut off is mountains. Anything below is Slatington domain and the people have made that extremely clear. More of a city like environment. Walnutport has a huge barrier so it does not exactly evolve along with the mountain. The working in Walnutport is slavery, sort of like the Scientology deal, whenever Lehigh Township is around.

Walnutport stores haven't sold size small or extra small in clothing in about 15 to 20 years. The last time they did there was more than one average sized person living in Walnutport. There is no room in Walnutport or Slatington for average to skinny sized people. Only large to extra sized people are aloud in Walnutport and this had been made extremely clear. Walnutport and Slatington are extremely discriminating against anyone average to skinny. Some skinny people come but are from Slatington and only buy boxers and beaters. The pants they wear fall off for "style". Town never had any farms and never sold meat, it was just a fabrication to get people who like baggy clothing or are extra plus sized to move in to it.

Activities to do in Walnutport : Eat at a fast food restaurant. Buy large to extra plus size clothing.

A cult of very big people that took about 30 some odd years to form and they aren't backing down for anything.
Walnutport, Pa is the town has conformed to being overweight and it is considered perfection.

Walnutport, Pa has to be perfect or else bring porn, so that means all of their time will go to porn, large size clothing and fast food and there is no room to buy food at the grocery stores.

It took so much time to bring in fast food restaurants and large to plus size clothing in that this is all Walnutport has the time for. Size small especially is not aloud. If you are looking for a small sized condom you will get in trouble. If you go to Walnutport looking for a small pad, tampon you will get in trouble. This is too much of a hassle. That would be, to ask for a small shirt, called a "scene". Walnutport doesn't have time at all, not even a minute to spare for people outside of their conformity. So never go to Walnutport, and especially do not come back year after year buying large pads and pants that fall off your ass from Walnutport if it's clearly not becoming in your family's reasons.. aspects, wishes.

Walnutport is a very descriminating town. The people faught very hard to keep the porn store in business. They could not have their cake and eat it too, so they decided to keep their fast food and large to plus size clothing. It takes more money to bring those sizes in, effort, more time.

Therefor, only large to plus size belong in Walnutport. The conformity took about 20 some odd years. That's why they don't want some sort of business with xs to medium sized.
by notgoodenoughapparentlytobreat January 27, 2014
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