Playing any online game with a poor internet connection. The connection is so bad that it is as if he/she is playing on the demonstration XBox, PS3, etc. at Walmart. Walmart connections are not always constant and can happen at any given time.
Me and my buddies were about to complete the last vidmaster challenge on Halo when John's Walmart Connection kicked in and he lagged out.
by mcsnails May 1, 2010
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Dude, your computer is so fucking slow

Well, it's because i have a friggin walmart connection
by Raymond5495 January 17, 2009
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A internet connection that is very laggy
I cant hit this guy he is laggy so much he must have a WalMart Connection
by CANINE February 19, 2008
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-Someone whose internet connection is very slow or extremely laggy.

-An insult used against people on online games when their connection isn't up to speed.
"Your page still hasn't loaded yet? What do you have a Walmart connection?"

"That bitch lagged right past me he must have a Walmart connection."
by TribeofSimeon July 11, 2008
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Now if you want to talk about a really fucked up isp for all you dumb fucks out there isp means internet service provider. all walmart connect is, is a shitty look alike aol program that costs about 9.95 per month but is slower than mother fucking molasses and you cant go in any fucking chat rooms except bot filled AIM rooms which arent even god damn rooms to begin with. When calling for help it is similar to AOL because you always get a fucking towelhead. Its unfuckingbelieveable that you can not get one fucking AMERICAN to help your ass out. So if you want a piece of shit ISP choose walmart connect. PS the free trial is only for 7 days, big fucking deal!
What the fuck man why the hell would an isp let you only have a week trial fuck walmart connect.
by l33th4x0r February 19, 2005
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Used by African Americans when playing against them in some sort of online gaming. The term itself makes no sense to any other race, but African Americans use it frequently to express the lag they might be getting from you, or lag you might be encountering.
SurfNstuff92: Dude I'm frickin lagging
BIGBOYPLAYA802: ay nigga you got a Walmart connection.
by Joe The Man, Rogan February 5, 2009
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a person who has very bad xbox live connection causing the whole game to lag.
leonardo1596 has a walmart connection.
by dicky1596 January 22, 2011
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