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If you know a Wajd then you have probably met one of the most lovely people in your life.

Just by seeing them you'll find yourself smiling. You will always remember a Wajd.

key features are amazing hair as well as brilliant eyes and the voice of an angel.
Never ever let this person go because they will be there for you through all the times.
Boy #1: Did you hear that girl singing
Boy #2: Yeah, think they're a Wajd
by weareanonymoose April 13, 2013
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A beautiful person with a beautiful soul .

In general , a Wajd is someone with brilliant eyes and a cute smile. He's very intelligent extraimly good at complicating things and make it more dificult for other people

Also he make you feel like he will never let you down and will always be there for you but sometimes he's a bastard and make you want to kill him for a lot of reasons that you won't remember if he'll ask you
person1 : Hey , did you see the new student

person 2 : yeah i think he's a Wajd
by Clara IC June 16, 2016
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