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Wajam can be used in replacement of a noun or adjective.
It is more often used to explain how you hit someone or were really drunk. It is more or less a form of ONOMATOPOEIA as the late scholars would proclaim.
" and so i went up to this guy and....Wajam...he didnt know what hit him"
"Shit man i was so Wajammed lastnight at Kelsee d's house"
by AdamAC December 20, 2006
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hamilton/burlington slang coming straight outta compton.
often used to describe how you got in a fight with someone. can also be used to describe how drunk you were the prior night. The late scholars belive wajam to be one of the original forms of ONOMATOPOEIA.
"i walked up to him and...Wajam... hes didnt even see it coming"

"i was so Wajammed lastnight it was crazy talk."
"you stupid chateface...Wajam... eat shit mo fuckka"
by AdamAC December 20, 2006
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