A group of Lefty beta snowflake pussies that collectively weenie-whine their way into the news by whimpering inconsolably about some social justice bullshit about which NO ONE cares but them.
That WAHVALANCHE protesting about the cultural appropriation of those real real hurtful Halloween costumes? What a bunch of LOSERS!
by Cornelius Gotchberg February 4, 2019
Pronounced WAHHHHHvalanche. When one person starts crying and others join in as part of a chain reaction. Prevalent especially amongst drunk girls.
Once she started it created a wahvalanche and all the other girls were crying.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase March 22, 2008
An NHL team of the Western Conference that whines, cries, and bitches. A team that has a tradition of failure with a glimmer of hope every rare now and again. A team stacked with French Canuckistanis that get pwned on live TV by real Hockey Players. Coaches of this team will cry about penalties assessed and anything else that might give them an arbitrary advantage to make up for lack of talent.
Don't listen to him, just look at his jersey; he's a Wahvalanche fan.
by Ringmaster - USMC April 8, 2010