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A sexual position where the girl needs to get on all fours to perform fellatio while the guy is standing up.
Bro 1: Hey bro, I totally got head from that blonde chick over there.

Bro 2: No way man, how'd a little guy like you get with a gorgeous babe like that?

Bro 3: Dude she knew the Wagdalt was where it was it.
by pscum6 December 06, 2011
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Achieving a general state of superiority or lacking the ability to lose
Charlie Sheen claims he's wagdalting, but the truth is the opposite: his life is a complete wreck right now.


The Patriots would have wagdalted their 2007 season if they had beaten the Giants in the Super Bowl and gone 19-0
by The G's I F December 06, 2011
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